Our company, PGW Estonia Incorporated, specializes in FX management, Cryptocurrency management, and Merger and Acquisition.

In all fund management, our company, since its establishment, has exceeded our self-set benchmarks in our performances.



FX Operations

Here at our company, we operate Arbitrage trading, HFT (High Frequency Trading), and multiple EA (Expert Advisors). We continue to produce stable returns by dividing the risks when the exchange market is particularly volatile.


Cryptocurrency Operations

The increasingly borderless nature of the global environment, and questioning of the true value of fiat currency has many in uncertainty. As an alternative asset, the notion of cryptocurrency has been in the spotlight for several years.

Here at our company, we aim to enlighten the future of cryptocurrency, and we believe in the potential that cryptocurrency (it) can bring to us. As such, we promise to maintain a professional approach to the operating of cryptocurrency management.



At our company’s core, we specialize in M&As of IT companies.
In M&As in the IT industry, the industry is subject to high fluctuation regarding the trends in vogue and evolution of technology. Our company origins became from enhancing our specialty in M&As of the IT industry. To conduct a successful M&A, it requires deep expertise in the subject field, and constant following of the market trends in the environment.



Here at our company, after establishing as an investment fund company in 2018, we have maintained a yearly return rate of over 20%.

Regarding Investments

Here at our company, we do not accept investments from general investors.
Moreover, from institutional investors, we will require operations reports to be delivered to us by e-mail and publicize them.


  • Trade Name
  • PGW Estonia OÜ
  • Address
  • Narva mnt 5 Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn Harju maakond 10117


For cryptocurrency-deployers who wish to invest,
please contact us via the E-mail address below: